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The term bookkeeping can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. In this self-paced masterclass, we will debunk the accounting myths that have been keeping you away from the numbers. Clear, concise and easy to follow, Beyond The Books will teach you the core principles of bookkeeping, how to stay organized and plan for the future of your business. Not only will all your worries about your books disappear but you will actually come to enjoy bookkeeping!

Want to do your own bookkeeping but don’t know how? Beyond The Books is the perfect place to start.

Realtor, Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty

Devon Hicks

Especially, taxes and HST, the basics of Quickbooks and how to track my income and expenses to truly understand where my money is coming from and going to. This course was so in depth and thorough that my own financial advisor couldn't believe how organized I am now and how on top of everything I have become! I actually get excited at the end of the month when I know it's bookkeeping time - ha!!"

 "I feel so confident and knowledgeable about everything to do with the finances of my business;

Self Employed - InBody Canada

Erika Falk

I always felt like I was doing an "OK" job at my personal bookkeeping, but never felt completely confident and couldn't wrap my head around certain aspects, like the Chart of accounts for example. Beyond The Books showed me that it really isn't complicated and doesn't need to be. This program has done an awesome job at walking through things in a way that makes it very easy to understand.

"Beyond The Books has FINALLY explained things in a way that just makes sense and clicks!"

Owner, Courtney Elizabeth Events

Courtney Leeder

It makes me mad I didn't know this earlier on in my business. I've asked these basic questions to my accountant for years and he just couldn't explain it in my language. You've done an amazing job building out this program!  

"Beyond The Books is life changing! I didn't know Quickbooks could be so easy!"

Beyond The Books

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It’s time to do things a little differently: Beyond The Books
Built by business owners for business owners. Take the first step towards gaining the financial clarity you need for success

Learn Invaluable Financial Fundamentals. The stuff you should know. The stuff you have to know. 

Invaluable insight for a lifetime

Master Quickbooks Online

Have complete control over your finances 

Grasp the fundamentals of bookkeeping

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You are ready for invaluable insight that lasts a lifetime

Master Quickbooks Online and watch your business grow!

Have complete control over your finances and never worry about where your money is again!

Grasp the fundamentals of bookkeeping and truly understand the process from the inside out!

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Financial Success

Conquer managing your finances.
Build a profitable business with a solid foundation.

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Master your own books. 
Appreciate a newfound insight and understanding of your finances. 

Financial Autonomy

Learn the basics of bookkeeping and master an accounting software. 
Strip away bookkeeping anxiety.

Financial Clarity

What You'll Learn

The Beyond The Books Break Down

Let’s get started! Together we’ll go over the foundation and fundamentals. These basics are the key ingredient to your success. 

Welcome To Beyond The Books!

Module One


Bookkeeping is important, so let’s set you up on a system that is right for you and is easy to navigate.

Introduction to Quickbooks Online



We’re going to go over exactly what Sales Tax is, how to track it, report it and file it and how it varies from business to business. 

Sales Tax & HST

Chapter Three


Wondering why it’s so important to keep track of all those receipts and personal expenses? We’ll cover that here.

The Bank Feed



Together we will set up your Chart Of Accounts and customize it to your specific needs.

Chart Of Accounts



Let’s make sure you are set up to send and receive invoices the right way so you can get paid faster.

Accounts Receivable 



As important as it is to sell, keeping track of all of your bills will make sure you stay organized.  

Accounts Payable



Bank reconciliation is super important when it comes to bookkeeping. Let’s make sure your bank account and your books match!




We’ll go over the types of documents you should be reviewing as a business owner and the fundamentals behind financial reporting.

Financial Reporting



These are all the details about the benefits of using the QBO app, how to navigate the MyCRA business portal and filing and paying your taxes.




Learn why QBO plus is a game-changer and an asset to your business as you grow. 

QBO Plus



Effectively capture your e-commerce transactions within QBO and understand the principles behind journal entries. 

E-Commerce & Journal Entries



Amita Parikh

"I'm taking charge and learning everything with your help. It feels so empowering to have taken this step!

Catherine Vega

"I've gained so much confidence with things we have already been doing in Quickbooks!"

Bianca Masters

"I started going through the course and I'm amazed at this. It's so, so useful!"

Words from the Alum

With over 10+ years of experience in finance and accounting, specializing in business coaching and bespoke bookkeeping, Laura Urquhart is the CFO you’ve been needing. As a successful business owner herself, she understands what it takes to build a solid financial plan and lead a profitable business. But, more than ever, Laura knows that quality bookkeeping is the foundation for a business’s success. Thinking like a business owner while combining quality bookkeeping principles is what makes her bespoke offering so unique. Laura can confidently lead and support her clients towards achieving financial clarity. She has taken her experience and applied it to the needs of entrepreneurs in her course Beyond the Books.

Hi friends, I'm Laura Urquhart—

the girl behind the wildly popular product that everyone is talking about

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You don’t need to be good at math to do good bookkeeping. With QuickBooks Online, all the math is done for you. 
Beyond The Books breaks down exactly what you need to know about accounting so that it makes sense. You will have all the tools you need to master QBO and be your own bookkeeper.

I’m not good with numbers, will this course be too difficult for me?

No problem at all. Everything you need to know about QBO is available through this course. I have also included a 50% off for your first 6 months along with a sample company for you to reference. 

I don't have QuickBooks Online, is that a problem?

Absolutely. If you would rather spread out your payments, rather than pay a 1-time fee, we have a 4-month payment plan that allows you to pay at a pace that suits your needs.

Is there a payment plan available?

Whenever you are ready! Beyond The Books is a self-paced course. It was specifically designed for entrepreneurs who have a lot going on. You will never miss a chapter or fall behind if you need to focus on your business and come back later. 


When signing up for Beyond The Books you are given lifetime access to everything that’s included and you can come back to the videos at any point. 
That also means staying in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs via the private Facebook Group. We will also keep you in the loop about any future exclusive offers.

How long do I have to watch the videos? 

Yes! No matter the size of your company, even as a solopreneur, bookkeeping is essential to your business’s future success. Knowing and understanding your numbers will help you grow your business. By knowing exactly how much you're making and how much you're spending, you can determine how well your business is actually performing. The earlier you start, the better!

I’m A Small company do I still need bookkeeping? 

don't worry, we have the answers!

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